We are working towards developing and implementation of innovative, flexible, scalable, reliable and affordable sensing solutions for various applications, with the emphasize on infrastructure degradation. We are exploring a few directions of development - fiber optic sensing for detection of chemicals, optical imaging for corrosion detection and vibration monitoring for structures and equipment.

Besides sensor development, a very important direction for our technology department is to use the latest advances in nanotechnology in order to develop fully integrated wireless sensing networks, with simultaneous real-time high speed data acquisition, transmission and analysis. Wireless sensor networks consists of spatially distributed autonomous sensors (for both physical and chemical parameters) that cooperatively pass their data through the network to the main location; also, through the same network we can control the activity of the sensors. Data harvested by the various sensors is transmitted through the network nodes (small basic “computers” that consist of processing units - Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems, or MEMS - micro radio transceivers, and power sources that use energy harvesting modules for solar power) and it is stocked and remotely analyzed.

The research is done in collaboration with the Civil Engineering Department at NYU Poly and Chromosense LLC.